Book Review – The Sweet Life in Paris

Not only do we do a lot of eating at Chez Wittmann, we do a lot of reading as well. This is why I was especially pleased to stumble upon “The Sweet Life in Paris”, by David Lebovitz. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Mr. Lebovitz, I highly recommend you check out his brilliant blog, located here.

154His newest literary offering is both a memoir of his move to Paris and a light-hearted examination of what makes this city so enticing and  yet so perplexing. Readers join the author as he navigates the social nuances that seem unique to the citizens of the City of Light, such as using other people’s bathrooms and ordering a coffee. I especially enjoyed the chapters where Lebovitz confronts his arch-nemesis in a fish market or  his recounting of an intrepid search for shoelaces.

If the amusing insights into the life of a Parisian are not enough, “The Sweet Life in Paris” is also full of the delicious recipes Mr. Lebovitz is reknowned for, such as “Chocolate Yogurt Snack Cakes”, (you can find the recipe at my favourite cooking blog here).

This book is like a good meal; a balance of a lot of different flavours and ultimately satisfying. I was truly entertained, enlightened and dying to try out the recipe for Brownies a la Confiture De Lait (or Dulce de Leche Brownies).

The Sweet Life in Paris is currently available to those with lending privileges at the Wittmann Library.

Next on my reading list: Julie and Julia


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