Book Review – Julie and Julia

This book is not really about food, or at least not in the sense I expected. To be honest, it’s not really about Julia Child either, although the biographical bits are a nice touch. Julie and Julia seems to be more about one woman embarking on a quest to find some direction and some meaning on the eve of her 30th birthday (all those who have been there, say “aye”).

Julie and JuliaJulie Powell, a dissatisfied admin assistant for an un-named government organization, decides on a relative whim to cook her way through Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. 524 recipes in 365 days. No kidding.

Equipped with a rundown kitchen, a very understanding husband and a tenacity that borders on obsessive, Julie manages to tackle dishes that I have to admit that I would never have the guts to cook (I use this term deliberately and in reference to the very colourful recollection of the chapter on intestines, sweetbreads and other such delicacies).

I have not yet seen the movie that this book inspired, despite getting some free passes (sorry Shannon), but the reviews have been very favourable. I did see the trailer however, and it seems that the screenplay has expanded the role of Julia Child significantly, and with Meryl Streep, why wouldn’t you?

My review of Julie and Julia is also a good one. This book does not gush on about the food, but that’s OK. It does however give us insight into two women whom I suspect we can all relate to,  Julie and Julia.

Julie and Julia is currently available to those with lending privileges at the Wittmann Library.

Next up: Stanley Park, a book in which food is a key player.


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