Potato Salad with Chorizo, Roasted Corn & Creamy Chive Dressing

If you were to judge my family’s food consumption by the amount of recipes I have posted in the last two months (none), you would suspect that we have all wasted away to nothing. The truth of the matter is not that I haven’t been doing a lot cooking, it’s that I haven’t been doing a lot of writing. The reasons (ahem, excuses) are many, but now that the school year is all but wrapped up and my new job is a little less new I am ready to document my adventures in the kitchen yet again.

A lot of the time, my menu is driven by my desire for a single thing or taste. Last night it was chorizo sausage. However, I also felt that this delicious Spanish sausage needed a new approach…you know, freshen it up for summer. And so, another variation on the potato salad was born:

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