Welcome to Chez Wittmann

I am personally addicted to food blogs…there are so many talented people publishing today. The best of the bunch provide me with inspiration for the kitchen and a good read as well.


I too love to cook, and if you look on my personal list of things to do, improving my writing skills is near the top (somewhere after “acknowledge all friends’ birthdays” and before “figure out how to make nail polish last more than a day”). So, with a no small amount of trepidation I am starting my own food blog. I have always hesitated because a) I am not convinced anyone would care what we have for dinner and, b) I am not convinced I can write coherently about what we had for dinner. However, as my mother has always told me, “You’re not getting any younger, so what are you waiting for”. Besides, I know she will read it.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Chez Wittmann

  1. Brava to you!!! Wow you continually amaze me. I think the blog is a great idea and a great start to it too!

  2. It looks yummy! I volunteer to take all pictures of any new recipes you post … so you’ll just have to keep having us over for dinner!

    Your loyal fan and official food taster … Emma

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